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You have a website that you have been working on tirelessly for years, and now you feel that the passion has died and it is time to move on. But how much is my website worth? The question that millions ask, and very few answers are presented. That is because there is no right answer. Sure, you may be making a healthy living running your website, but unfortunately that does not mean someone will come along to offer much more than that amount to you.

Adding up how much a site value is constantly changing. What is found worth a lot today could be worth less in the near future. Just as easily as what you are making today on your website could change dramatically in a matter of months. (You have probably even seen that happen) So how do you get the proper value to how much your website worth?

The easiest answer would be to have very low standards. Imagine your website is worth little to nothing, and then when someone offers you any more than that, you can be genuinely surprised. All joking aside, there really is no easy way to solve the value issue.

You could use a value calculator which will look at your average unique views per day, along with a page rank, and several other ranking systems to compile a number that will probably be lower than whatever you are making on your website currently. But that is not all that a buyer is interested in. And what they are looking for is nearly impossible to measure so simply for an exact dollar amount.

One thing that will interest a potential buyer is your traffic. That will be all of your viewers over the course of the last six months, at least. This is interesting to them, because it demonstrates your ability to hold a group of people’s interest while attracting new people and it will give your page a higher ranking among search engine result pages. This will also contribute to the amount of money they could be making in the future, either as potential buyers of products or services; or for the number of people they could make revenue on using ads that require a visit to your website.

Another thing that could be overlooked is what you are really making. A buyer will be able to decide what a website’s potential is just by looking at the page views and rank score, but they will get the best idea if you can disclose the income and expenses. It is best to organize this by month and date back to at least a year in the past. If you can, show all of the revenue from the beginning. Showing growth will help a buyer evaluate what is done well while giving them ideas to improve. Then they will better understand what is the site worth.

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