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Neck and back injuries can happen to everyone and they can happen unexpectedly. For example during everyday activity, when exercising, from a fall, and etc. When an injury like this happens, your neck and back’s function is obstructed which means that the injury will affect the function of your muscles, bones, and ligaments as well. In these situations, visiting neck and back clinic is necessary.

Our neck and back clinic Las Vegas is specialized in treating all kinds of injuries related to your neck or back. We have long years of experience, practice, and knowledge. Our only mission is to return you to the normal everyday activities as faster as possible.

What Our Clinic Can Do For You

  • We can educate you on the basics of strengthening and stretching which can additionally help you manage the pain.
  • We can teach you on suitable attitude and appropriate fundamentals on how you can protect the spine.
  • We will stimulate the process of healing
  • We will prevent future neck and back injuries

According to some statistics, 90% of the overall population experience neck or back injuries at least one in the life. If not treated properly, the neck or back pain can transport into head, arms, hips, legs and etc. This means that if we don’t stop the pain in time and discover the cause, the damage could lead to spinal failure. You will need a more thorough intervention or in some cases a surgeon. So, whenever you experience neck or back pain make sure to visit our clinic in Las Vegas and we will make sure to treat it properly.

Until then, these are the things that you can do in order to prevent neck or back injuries:

ü  Organize better your daily activities. If you seat often, make sure to get up every 45 minutes and move. Your back will warn you using pain as a signal.

ü  Make sure to sit as straight as possible.

ü  When sitting, stretch your back from 5 to 10 times. You can repeat this whenever you feel that back pain.

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